Coloasia Ltd

Now we have two following locations:

Data Center:

Red Crescent Borak Tower

Level -10, 71-72 Old Elephant Road

Eskaton Garden, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

Disaster Recovery Center:

Rashid Center (5th floor)

7/A R.N Road, Jessore

Coloasia has recently emerged as 1st class Data center and point of interconnection in the most prime location of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Equipped with most modern equipment, uninterrupted robust power arrangement and round-the-clock attendance makes Coloasia an ideal venue for telecom operators, banks and other financial institutions.

Coloasia operates at 5500 sq. ft. private data facility. Instead of leasing space from third-party wholesaler, we have built and maintain our own point of presence. Doing so provides us with flexibility to expand, strict cost controls, higher security standards, and overall better facility management.

Multi-homed redundant fiber connections and peering Tire-1 providers ensure you’re always connected and that any kind of customer data takes quickest, most efficient routs for optimal transfer speeds. Maintenance and support contracts with all of our vendors, along with third party consultants, ensure constant uptime and availability.

Uninterrupted power solutions that are flexible and upgradeable provide constant power to all our customers’ hardware. Our Emerson UPS battery system takes over instantly while our diesel generator starts up.

Multi-layer security control procedures staffed 24/7, proximity card readers, and IP video monitoring ensure customers hardware is never tampered with. Public access is not available personally escorted by coloasia staff or authorized ISP’s.

Today Mir Technologies provides diversified IT solutions and services that support attainment of our clients' business objectives such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Implementation, Billing software, CRM Management, customized application software development, Web Application Development, Database Implementation, solution and services and provide enterprise-class, web enabled, fully IT integrated and autonomous OSS/BSS, SDP and SOA software solutions that enhances business communication, data visualization, multi-tier aggregation and real-time monitoring.