Bangla Telecom Ltd

Contact Address:

Red Crescent Borak Tower-2(Level-7)

71-72 Old Elephant Road,

Eskaton Garden, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

Phone:  +8809601501500, 8802 8319164,  8319165


Bangla Telecom Ltd. is the interconnection Exchange (ICX) operator of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) for routing Domestic and International voice traffic to and from ANS and IGW.

Bangla Telecom Ltd. is the first operator among the new license which was able to launch commercially in August 2012. We are one of the leaders in the private sector for providing ICX operation in Bangladesh. Access Network Service (ANS) operators (Mobile, PSTN & IPTSP) terminate their calls to the ICX and ICX routs calls to the destination operators (ANS and IGW).

Bangla Telecom Ltd. (BTL) obtained license in April 2012. BTL has permitted three (3) exchanges (POP) in operations, one (1) exchange in Dhaka while other two (2) are located Bogra and Sylhet.

On National Telecommunication network Architecture is based on three layers where BTL in the second layer. BTL is connected with IGWs and Access Network Service (ANS) operators.

Bangla Telecom Ltd. Improves quality of voice services; ensure balanced traffic among all operators and easy access for telecom network. It also helps keeping records of all calls, thereby helping authority to identify and monitor any calls, identifying, monitoring & location movement of miscreants.

The company has highly skilled, hardworking, professional and talented manpower. The management team has extensive experience in the Telecom space. We are determined to render quality service to our valued customers.